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Do you have a small amount of space on your mantel to decorate? You might run into this problem if you have your television above your fireplace or the ceiling is lower above it. No worries, though; we can help with that 😉

Here’s one of our fireplaces at the shop. We’re pretending that the wood piece is our TV in this photo so play along with us.

Just because you can’t put tall items on your mantel, that doesn’t mean you can’t have varying heights. Varying heights are always key in decorating! We just went down with the decor, though. Like the greenery – instead of having taller plants, we have a garland that drapes. We have two smaller items on the right side, too, but note how they are different heights. Again: varying heights are key in decorating! You don’t want to have everything just lined up. Add some extra interest with things that are taller and shorter, as well as different textures.

For Spring, we added our new floral flag garland and just draped it along the bottom. It adds a different texture, as well as a different height. You don’t have to overthink it! Have fun with it, buy things you like, and play around with your items until you find just the right look.

Have questions for us or want some other tips? Message us on Instagram or Facebook! We like to style our goods to inspire you around here. You can find more Spring goods in our It Might as Well be Spring Collection, too!


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